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Welcome to the QUAN lab! We are a young research group at The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Our research focuses on the development of innovative, energy-efficient, and sustainable catalytic systems by rational design and combination of boron catalysis, reticular materials, photochemistry, and electrochemistry. Our research aims at the better understanding of and potential solutions to important chemical problems including but not limited to N2 reduction, solar energy utilization, and green synthesis.



  • Yinghe, Yiyi and Fung's joint application for the UROP Support Grant has been approved, congratulations!

  • Our research on "MOF Boosted Donor-Acceptor Photoactivation" has been accepted by Nat. Commun. Congratulations to Jiaxin and Jing! 

  • Dr. Quan is awarded "Early Career Award" by HKUGC.

  • Our research on "Selective Multifunctionalization of Boranes" has been accepted by Chem. Sci. Congratulations to Fengxing!

  • Peiqi who will join our lab this fall semester attained HKPFS, congratulations! 

  • Zhiyong achieved the RedBird PhD Award, congratulations!

  • Our research on "MOF Enabled Heterogeneous Thiol Catalysis" has been accepted by Angew. Chem. Congratulations to Shengxian and Jing! 

  • Dr. Quan is listed in 2022 “World’s Top 2% Scientists” by Stanford University (single-year)

  • Guanwen achieved the RedBird PhD Award, congratulations!

  • 06/2021 The Quan lab starts in HKUST.

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